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Guardian Community Services is not only an NDIS enrolled supplier, it’s also known for its support staff who are a bunch of compassionate individuals. Our staff is remarkable in what it does and is available all over New South Wales’ rural areas and we are long growing in the locality as well. Guardian Community Services is an inventive specialist service provider of individualized support and we highly esteem offering flexibility, decision, and control to individuals with disabilities. Investigating prospects, working through difficulties, and celebrating your successes is the thing that fills our hearts with joy. Our staff is chosen for their involvement with the Disability Support Industry to help individuals’ ways of life. Staff experiences a point by point screening procedure and all checks are done before hiring them. We likewise offer a crisis 24 hours available to come into work support, conveyed in the house to guarantee that participants and our workers have direct access to our range of services and support in a crisis.


Karen is an advocate of growth and support who firmly believes the good quality care should be provided to all participants. It has been her mission to provide top-care services from the past 18 years in the industry.

She has dedicated her whole life to learning more about her field and participants. She is one of the optimist kind of people who believes in, “The sun always shines after a storm”. Her soft and intellectual nature has formed her into a fan of good reads, greenery and crafts. Apart from that, she loves to research and network whilst sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

She says it has been an amazing journey of learning and growth for her and is looking forward to keeping her spirits high as the greater times are yet to come. Working together to make this world a more inclusive and kind-hearted place for every differently-abled individual to live could help. So let’s get to work and do it together!

Our Value

A Place That Helps You Choose

We specialize in delivering reliable services by ensuring we meet our participant’s criteria and help them fulfill their goals with coordination. You are differently-abled in our eyes, not disabled. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Build the life of your dreams with us!

Our Goal

We aspire to empower our participants to take an interest in social exercises at whatever level they wish, be it living an independent life or pursuing their dream interests. We happen to give quality services at your ease!

Our Vision

We wish to see a community with variety at all levels, and inclusion and independence for everyone is the key to it. Hence, we dream of a society where all individuals and their choices are respected regardless of their physical and mental characteristics.

Our Mission

We will put our utmost effort in supporting the participants to move in the direction of more noteworthy freedom. Without a doubt, it would be your choice and our actions that would make our dream of a society with a variety come true.

Plans For A Better Tomorrow

Assisting you in what you want and need is our goal. We believe in treating all individuals with respect, affability, and kindness. Your decision and well-being will be our priority at all levels. You will definitely find us extremely hospitable, compassionate, and loyal as the reviews say.
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Our Value

Explore your new home with new members.

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Our Vision

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Our Mission

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We Value Your Privacy.

We take your privacy seriously. All your information is safe with us!

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